Part 2: VCs Should Seek Flaws & Not Just Risks

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VC-Business-Model- Risk-Distribution-makes-no-Sense for-VCs-and-Angel-Investors

Since I hate to adorn myself with borrowed plumes, I’d like to point out that my and many other investors’ bias against “risk distribution” is rather old news. In his wonderfully anecdotal Zurich Axioms, dated 1972, Max Gunther, had already pointed out every relevant practical aspect pertaining to the topic. My issue today is a different one. I do not … Read More

Do VCs and Angels Sit in the Same Boat? 

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Should-all-eggs-go-into-one-basket? When-it-comes-to-start-ups-you have-no-choice

Part 1: “Diversification” From time to time people ask me whether investing selectively in start-ups as a “profession” is not quite an irresponsible gamble, especially if, like in my case, you have practically no other current sources of income. This question is meant rhetorically, because the people who ask and I, we know Kind Advisors Such rhetoric is usually followed … Read More