Ludwig Wittgenstein on Business Process Management

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Those familiar with the Anglo-Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein know that one usually distinguishes two Wittgensteins: The earlier one who wrote the “Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus” (1921) and the later one who is best known for his “Philosophical Investigations” (1953). Both oeuvres contradict each other. The later Wittgenstein distanced himself from the earlier one. Put in a nutshell (grossly oversimplifying and distorting his … Read More

On Quality and Quantity in Start-up Processes

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From Quality to Quantity

The issue how to quantify quality is an old one. In antediluvian times it used to be a common place that you cannot e.g. map quality on straight lines, because quality is a multi-dimensional category whereas quantity is one-dimensional. In business such philosophical qualms are generally perceived as academic and irrelevant: In HR and marketing for instance, where the “quality” … Read More