Facebook/ Cambridge Analytica: Pseudo-Pivoting and Hypocrisy at its best Window Dressing on All Sides

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Titel Image Post - Facebook/ Cambridge Analytica

Okay. I really do not like social media in general or Facebook in particular. Not because of “data”. Also, not because of tax evasion, “ruthless lobbying” or quasi-monopolies. These may be serious issues, but public authorities could be active in these fields if they wanted to. What I genuinely do hate is the way social media i) corrode human thought … Read More

Gender Preferences in Tech Start-ups

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Gender Preferences in Tech Start-ups - Titel Blog Post

With #metoo #kalanik and #jamesdemore increasingly becoming issues of the past, well digested if not forgotten (Travis Kalanik is now CEO of #tenonehundred), there is general concern, That white male arrogance, misconduct and scant regard for women is emblematic of the global tech start-up culture, and the abovementioned debates will have produced no lasting effect on how this global tech … Read More

Start-up Cost Structure

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Start-up Cost Structure- Titel Image Blog Post

Founders Seeking Corporate Exits should not Waste their Cash on Sales & Marketing In 2011 the Startup Genome Project defined four types of internet start-up: The automizer, the social transformer, the integrator and the challenger. These types do have their value but somehow, they do not respond to my needs as an investor. One of several other keys which don’t … Read More