Stairway to Corporate Heaven?

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On Ray Dalio’s Principles (Part II) Last week I stated that a general master plan for individual or business success, as outlined in Ray Dalio’s #Principles, is a good thing – in principle 😉. Provided the plan makes sense, it’s good because it serves as a useful heuristic to make sure I’m on course. The disadvantage of such a general … Read More

Rich Man’s Lottery (Part II) The Mystery of the Blind Hunt for Maximum Risk

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Table with three different drawings showing how investors construe fantasy castles on the grounds of rudimentary factual experience

Verdad Capital founder and (small cap) public equity crusader Dan Rasmussen recently published a report authored by his last summer Harvard intern Blake Patterson. The melody of the article matches Rasmussen’s bias towards public – and his highly critical attitude towards private equities as reported last week among other sources by the NY Times. So, is he right? In Venture … Read More