Stairway to Corporate Heaven?

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On Ray Dalio’s Principles (Part II) Last week I stated that a general master plan for individual or business success, as outlined in Ray Dalio’s #Principles, is a good thing – in principle 😉. Provided the plan makes sense, it’s good because it serves as a useful heuristic to make sure I’m on course. The disadvantage of such a general … Read More

The Pros and Cons of Generic Worldly Wisdoms: On Ray Dalio’s Principles (Part I)

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Over the holidays I finally gathered the time and peace to immerse myself in the #Principles (Simon & Schuster 2017) of @RayDalio, the celebrated founder of Bridgewater, hedge fund inventor and multibillionaire. At least from what one gathers by reading his book, Dalio is a highly agreeable, modest and intellectually astute person who appears to mean and “walk” the principles … Read More