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Seit 2003 beschäftige ich mich ohne Unterbrechung in der deutschen Start-up und Venture Capital-Szene als Serial Entrepreneur, Investor und Business Angel. Am 30.09.2020 wählte mich die Mitgliederversammlung des Baltic Business Angels Schleswig-Holstein e.V. zum 1. Vorsitzenden seines Vorstands. Am 27. April 2022 erfolgte meine Wiederwahl. Mein Hauptaugenmerk als Angel gilt frühphasigen B2B-Technologie-Startups mit erstem Track Record. Im Regelfall investiere ich … Read More

In B2B its’s 2D, not 3D, Dude! Check Lindera!

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Considering my modest financial means, I am actually quite heavily invested in 3D and VR. However, I must admit that now and then I ask myself: Where does all this craze about 3D and VR come from? Our “real” world is already 3D, is it not? And frankly: I do prefer a real reality to a virtual one. True, it’s … Read More

3D & VR Entertainment – Nice, But a Blue Ocean it is Not

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Graph with US Demand for VR and Model wearing Oculus Go Glasses

I just learned that Zuck’s Oculus Go, which will hit the market today, may finally allow Facebook to arrive in the hardware world. Apart from a super reduced user interface, prime visual performance, and, yes, price, Oculus Go achieves what made Apple great as well: combining excellent hardware & software with good and more or less mutually exclusive content (via … Read More