The Conscious AI

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Artificial Consciousness

There is a lot of talk these days on the imminent danger posed to humans by AI. I think, the principal worries can be classified by the following three categories: Job fear: The worry of getting replaced by robots or artificial agents. “Deep Fake” anxiety: The apprehension that it will be increasingly impossible to distinguish between truth and falsehood, reality … Read More

Deceptive Social VR: Why it won’t work

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The idea of virtual reality (vr) is to feign “real reality” and to feign it so well that you will have trouble distinguishing the real real from the feigned real. This can be entertaining, entertainingly scary at times, and it can also be useful. When a feigned reality is no longer a reality populated by, say, nature, buildings, or things … Read More

“AR/VR Shows Signs of Advancement – and New Worries”

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Which target markets are expected to peform best for AR and VR?

Movie, TV, Live-Events, Education and Gaming are the fields which proved most disappointing as target branches for AR & VR technologies whereas manufacturing, automotive, real estate and retail give new hope. PerkinsCoie’s Survey Industry insights into the Future of AR/VR – AR/VR shows signs of Advancements  – and New Worries of March 2018 shows that gaming’s lead position has suffered … Read More

3D & VR Entertainment – Nice, But a Blue Ocean it is Not

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Graph with US Demand for VR and Model wearing Oculus Go Glasses

I just learned that Zuck’s Oculus Go, which will hit the market today, may finally allow Facebook to also arrive in the hardware world. Apart from a super reduced user interface, prime visual performance and, yes, price, Oculus Go achieves what made Apple great as well: combining excellent hard & software with good and more or less mutually exclusive content … Read More