Wer die Macht hat, hat die Technik

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Demokratische Systeme haben beim KI-Roll-out gegenüber autokratisch regierten Volkswirtschaften keine Chance Das Beispiel Autonomes Fahren Heute geht es am Beispiel des autonomen Fahrens um eine Beantwortung der Frage, warum China (und vielleicht sogar eines Tages Russland) in Sachen Technologieentwicklung den Rest der Welt abhängen und führend sein wird. Dies hat nicht viel mit Know–how und Bildung aber viel mit Geschwindigkeit … Read More

Rich Man’s Lottery (Part II) The Mystery of the Blind Hunt for Maximum Risk

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Table with three different drawings showing how investors construe fantasy castles on the grounds of rudimentary factual experience

Verdad Capital founder and (small cap) public equity crusader Dan Rasmussen recently published a report authored by his last summer Harvard intern Blake Patterson. The melody of the article matches Rasmussen’s bias towards public – and his highly critical attitude towards private equities as reported last week among other sources by the NY Times. So, is he right? In Venture … Read More

Prognostic Fallacies

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Gartner Chart of 2017 on the future of mobile apps

My most recent blog post dealt with fake problems (and corresponding fake solutions). Today I want to direct my “spot light” (kindly notice a dose of self-irony here) at fake reasoning and fake explanations. In today’s newsletter “Pioneers’ Breakfast” by the excellent German special interest magazine t3n the reader is invited to read an article on the allegedly inexorable surge … Read More